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Terms of Use

Terms of Use is intended for your enjoyment and contribution. When using the poem submittal form to submit poetry, you are certifying that you are the person who wrote the poem, unless you indicate that you are submitting someone else’s poem and have their permission, or are submitting a recommendation.

We require that you provide your e-mail address for verification purposes or if we require a clarification about the poem or information provided, but we no longer share your e-mail address with our readers, nor do we share it with any other third party. We may from time to time e-mail you about updates on the Web site, but if you do not want to be contacted, please include that in your message or e-mail

You are free to provide your e-mail or advertise a link to a Web site with your poetry at the Facebook page.

You retain the copyright on your poems. If you want your poem removed, e-mail

Recognize there is an inherent risk in using the Internet. We are unaware of any hacking of our Web site, but there is always a risk. However, your e-mail addresses are not stored at the Web site. We do have some links to other Web sites, and are in no way responsible for their terms of service, such as collecting cookies. To be careful, check the policy of the particular Web site if you follow a link to an external site.

We ask that poets submitting to the Web site avoid using offensive language, but it is our sole decision as to which poems to post.

Poetry is about life in its complexity. The original poems included at our Web site express a range of emotions, from joy to sorrow and from hope to despair. These are feelings that we all experience throughout our lives. There may be some poems, however, that question the value of life, as in Hamlet's To Be or Not to Be speech, which could be quite disconcerting for some readers. Our hope is that the expression of even very negative emotions through poetry will have some therapeutic value and perhaps encourage us to reach out to one another.  We also believe in the power of positive thoughts to help us endure difficult times, as in Keats's poem To Hope.

Of course, there are some life circumstances that task our inner resources and require that we seek help from professionals. Please see these help links if you or someone you know needs help in solving life crises, has depression, or is contemplating suicide. may establish affiliations with booksellers, such as, so that its readers and contributors may search poets’ works that they are interested in. We may also establish affiliations with other merchants that may be of interest to our readers. Once at the site of a vendor, financial transactions are between the individual and the bookseller, and any issues should be worked out without them. We do not accept any responsibility for transactions between visitors to the site and outside vendors.

Please enjoy knowing that we will not share your information with others, but will allow you to explore your own interests through the Facebook page or through any affiliations we establish.

We ask that poets submitting their work avoid grammatical mistakes, unless they are part of the poem’s intent. We sometimes correct minor errors before posting poems. E-mail editor@poetryfans if you have any concerns about your poem’s appearance or to report any errors we have made.