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Index to Readers' Poems (by author )

Abbygale—A Face Tells a Thousand Words
Ashley Altendorf—Love Maze
Farris J Amari—Thirst wakes and sings . . .
Anis—My Dream Girl and Lake of Heaven
Apurva—An Ode to Mother Nature
Aslan333—Man's Words
Kathryn Baker-Brown—Here I Am, Lies, and Reality
Bayko—Eternal Love Begins
Ian Blackwood—Windy Hills
Debbie Bongiovanni-Sharp—Keep Dreaming and Only Have God Thoughts
Peggy Boone—The Prettiest Mother in the World
LeJuane Bowens—Teardrops
Allan Brooks—God Unlimited and Lost and Found
Butchiesmom—Surrounding MistsShining Light, and Grandma's Hug
Cagedbird—Agony, Not Ecstasy
Üzeyir Lokman Çayci—My Teacher, Friend, You're Not the Guilty One, Brother, Garbage Sweeper, The Valley of the Culprits, and Martial Dances
Mejame Ejede Charley—Mr. Modern Time, Zarathustra's Quest for the Source,  Oh Greece How Wonderful Are You, Who're My Real Ancestors?, and To My Father's Land I Will Return
Roland Coggins—A Tale of Two Cats, Four Children Call You Mom, and Class Reunion
Jon Contrastano—Whiskey Bottles, The Old Green Lady, and The Dying Hobo
Ashley Kay Cyr—Boys
Swaink Das—Sounds in Shades
Chantalie De Castro—Time
David Dee—Caspian and the Loss of a Narnian Queen.
Gail Deemer (aka Butchiesmom)—Itty Bitty DittyWaiting for Peace and The Sun Rises
Joe DiMino—Just One
Dominque— Mama, I Wanna Go Surfing, Sleep, Noah's Forgotten, Change of Key, A Breath Taken By You, My Imagination, Forever FallenTo Linger, Joker, Missing, and A Sailor on the Sea
Dreamingstar—Untitled "Tears flow down"
Irwin Dunsky—I am
Arunav Dutta—Moments Make Life
Jenna Lea Eberle—Unreal
Vinodkumar Edachery—Hospital
Lee Evans—Forgive and Forget
Capt. Fantastico—Spring Sings and For You
Laila Fares—Divine Walk and The Good Shepherd
Crystal Ferris—Sickness
Laura Fisher—Loneliness
Bonnie K. Florea—For You, The Soldier
R.D. Flowers—Deer Clan Song
Mike Foster—Searching
Phoebe Frost—Songs
Tina Gamble—Nature of God Vs. Nature of Man
J. Gamboa—Mother
Karla Geci-Call—Rain
Vwastav Ghosh—My Sight
Iris Gilbride—Nanny PaddyMummy, I Love You, and An Angel's Wish
Baru Gobira—A Face I Can't Recall, A Shadow Returns with the Wind, and A Mother Remembers
Goodangel—Our Special Love
Edward Goodie—True Freedom
Tanora Gough—Autumn
Raj Gourav—That Must Be a Child
Karim Gueniche—When I Miss You and If . . .
Rei H.—Child with William Blake's “Infant Joy”
Alice Hadjavey—Beneath the Mask Lies the Opposite
Ozan Haksever—UMC Dreams, NiagaraI Am a Ghost, A Strange Pair, and Three Sonnets
Sihem Hammouda—Did I Tell You That
Jan Oskar Hansen—Sonnet to a Lady and Religion (a Tanka poem)
Rebecca Heffernan—Agoraphobia
Chelsea Hendrix—Why Am I Here?
Marty Henry—No More Hungry Children,
Little Old Lady Next Door
Our Candle and Unconditional Love, and Coming Home.
Richard Hernandez—Emancipation
Joshua Scott Hicks—Coffin
Vicky Holder—My First Time
Jennie Holmstrom—Everlasting Tranquility
Angela Horton—My Daughter, My Soldier
Lin Hu—Perfect Peace, That Mine Is, and Interlude
I.O. Idamoyibo—Shells Without Flesh; A Lament for My Beloved Country, Nigeria; The Shameless Negotiators; Can Life RewindThey Would Have Seen Your Star; and Four Poems of Tribute
Daniela Iordache—September 11. 2001
Babatope James—The Thing That Little John Did Fear
Keith James and Sandy Tannenbaum Streid—Not Just Sleeping
Bob Jackson—The SpiralThe VeilThe Last Dance, and Life
Kayanna Danielle Jeanes—I Never Knew You, But I Still Cry
Jewels—I Feel Sad and Blue, You Say You Love Me, So Why?, and Invisible Pains and Scars
Jocy—Rainbows, I Can't Explain, and We Never
Christopher Johnson—Untitled (a poem about addiction)
Deanna Juble—What's In Your Mind
Smita Kamble—Silent Plea and Lost Identity
Barbara Kelsey—They Will Not Come Back, One Day, Here, The Stolen Smile, and Sonata in the Snow
Lauren Kenny—Mere Mortal
Mark Anthony Kernan—The Big Is in the Little, Tears of the MorrowBehind the Yellow Rose, and Off to See the Wizard
Sunny Khanna—The Unseen Boundary
Rushabh Khatri—Myself and My Love, My Lord
Michelle Kidwell—She's the Quiet Child
John Kilshaw—Hope and Election Day
Amber Kitner—Dreams, The Truth, and My Plea
Kokoro—Empty Pillow
Kriti—Yansima—Reflections of an untainted soul
Kurt—The 4 Seasons of You
Jennifer Elizabeth L.—Fight at the Library
James Lannan—The Sirens, Here Here, and The Parting
Nicole A. Laskero-Monroe—As I Mature
S. K. Liberty—The Tear from the Sky and Children of Africa
Constance Lightcap—Fallen Angel
Bill Lindenmuth—Rejoice
Derrek Lucas—The Penguin Sonnet
Katie Malone—Oswiecim and Spirit
Saja Matar—Falling Off a Cliff
Max the Poet—When You Least Expect It
Munayem Mayenin—Golden Flyers of Spring, I Give You, and This Morning the Sun Shares
Bryce Mcclintock—Imagination
Mark McConville—I Will Fight
Eric McCormick—Sic's Prayer and Cast Iron Echo
Melinda McGeichie—Spicy Carrot Night
Stephen Michael McGowen—Il Penseroso
M.J. McGuire—Each Poem, A Prized Memento and Limericks
Candice McHenry—An Image Before Me
Julie M. Agor Mcilvaine—Remembering Our First Moments and If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time
Andrew Medina—Reasoning
Lynne Mills—Take Our Soldiers Home
Luna Moon—Memories
J.Edward Moran—But What of the Trees
John Mulby—Stole Your Thunder and Heart Failure
Lynn M. Murray—How the Sun Rises
Geeta Nair—In Your Absence, Why Shouldn't I Dream?, What Else Do I Want? and If Ever You.
Rejith M. Nair—21st Century Love and In Your Absence
S. Neelakantan—Light of Knowledge, Regain,and Memories
Terri Nihil—My Life
Antero Nevarez-Lira—Happy Birthday
Sara Ogden—A Fake Portrait
Agabriel Ojakovo—Your Legacy Will Last Forever
Olutayo K. Osunsan—Calendar
Paige—Silent Struggle
Pamelot—Shattered and Life Is a Poem
Nandlal Kanjibhai Pancholi—Assonance, Ode to the Cuckoo, Pet Dog's MonologueUp I Grew with Nature Wild, and To a Sunflower
Papalegba—All Cracked Up
Heidi Peterson—Little Child
Megan Plautz—Smiles and Laughter
Jason Poehland—Midnight Voices
Lina Prasad—Our Island Haven
Preciousrose—To Whomever May Care
Nicholas J. Presciano—Hope
Joe Quinton—All Who Wander Are Not Lost
Anisur Rahman—Learning from Nature
Sona Rajput—Responsibility, Who Am I? and My Cry
Ramesh TA—A Cricket Culture
Samira Ramzan—Walk a while with me, My People and My Own Creation
Neo Rapodile—What Is Freedom?
Reynaldo—You are Enlivened as an Evening
Donald Riggin—Untitled (. . . ice-encrusted window)
Gary Riggin—Temporary Dirge
Nicole Ritchey—Bitter Sweet and Love
Tony R. Rodriguez—A Letter to the Fallen Catholic
Sadina Roselin—Infinite Feelings
Melanie Rosenthal—Poem for Cape of Cornwall (painted by Kurt Jackson)
Venessa Rotondi—Pouring My Apologies, Reoccurring and Your Insults Will Be Your Demise
Alex Rowe (13 years old at time of submittal)—Hope You're Here to Stay! and Life
Sam—Always Winning the Game
Sarah—Unknown Self
Tri Budhi Sastrio—How a Poem Was Made
Scot-T—Now One Thing Is Certain and You and Me
Luther Seahand—Gentle Dream and Winter
Alan Seeley—Living Day and A New
Suman Shahib—Universal Heart
Divyashree Shanbhag (age 9 at submittal, our youngest contributor)—Save Our Tiger Now a little older, No School Today
Sharita—Why Are You Selfish
Neha Sharma—In Life, the biggest flaw
Rachel L. Sheppard—Nothing's Quite As It Seems
Vaibhav Shukla—The Fight for God, Happy Birthday Gelina, Shadow, and Love Gained, Love  Lost
Sid "de" Knees— In one ear, out the other!
Katrina Simms—My Uncle's Key Ring
Durlabh Singh—Trembling Hands
Michael Skelding—The Silence and St. John of the Cross and To Miss Emily Dickinson
Gary James Smith—I Hang My Hat Upon the Fact, Quiet Time, and Coffee Anyone
Sona—An Ode to My Grandpa
Barbara Stahfa—My Beloved Son Russ
Jennifer Staffa—I Never Knew
Chris Stienstra—Shake My Hand, Perhaps and Blind
Stephen Stirk—My Aunt, My Ant, and the Vet (a comic poem)
Sandy Tannenbaum Streid—Precious Stones and Counting theHomeless Tonight
Mark Sweidom—I See It
Jennell Taamai—Streets
Tasha—Complexities of Life, The Phone Call, The Unfriendly Road, Closest to You, and These Nights Grow Darker
Tasha and Ivanna—Black & White
Bhuwan Thapaliya—Metamorphosis and A Bottle of You
Amy Tindale—The Cameo
JerriFaye Thomason—Crandall Canyon Mine Utah
Tri Tran—A New Sun for America, The Fiery Rain, O, Rescue Me, Lord! and Seeking Yesterdays Love, The Suffering Wolf, The Olympic Moment in Poetry, Zen Poetry, Forever Isolated, and First Day of Class
Bharat Trivedi—In Search of Lost Love
Rani Turton—Nets and Knots, Walking Through the Rain, I Dipped My Finger in the Wine, Closing Years, One Day Old Age Will Bend Me Down, I Spoke to Liberty, The Literary Blues, Speak to Me Then, My Father, With His Arthritic HandsA Wooden Door, A Metal Key, Beloved, If I Tell You Not To Go, and So Acute Was My Loneliness
Various Authors—Expressions of Love
Satish Verma—Kissing Cauldrons
Vibbs—I Wanna Die!
Kerry Waddingham—Death Skipped Me
J.J. Wellington—The Siren Song of the Cleaning Woman
Whitedove—Walk With Me
Shannon R. Wiegand—Spare
Gene Wiginton—Apathy
Pam Williamson—Let Me Dance for You, Jesus
Rob Witik—Dad
Linda Wlodyka—Unconditionally, Twilight, and Restless Abandon
Catherine Yetman—Saved by the Bell and Wake Up at 7 . . .
Zainab—I Will Love You Forever
Karen Christie Zoller—If Only For A Moment






An early contributor to the site has several poems at the site.

Complexities of Life,

The Phone Call,

The Unfriendly Road,

Closest to You, and

These Nights Grow Darker

Expresssions of Love

Personal poems of love by various authors