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Through panes of glass
Brightening my room
A room of sorrows
Until the scorching, searing
Heat of day
Melts my worries

Through my screen door
Cooling my room
A room of shadowy gloom
Until the freshness
Of the crisp Spring breeze
Soothes and renews

Outside my stoop
Coloring my world
A world once bare and naked
Until the blossoms
Unfold their beauty
Revitalizing, enhancing

Pours through
My window
Cleansing my soul
A soul once lost
Until a liquid
Pure and cool
Washes and purifies

Finds me
In my niche
Creeps over my being
Assures me
Can loneliness reign
Love's unleashed my him
Unconditionally . . .


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Ms Wlodyka writes, “I am a Massachusetts resident, baby-boomer and a high school tutor, who dabbles in visiting antiquated mansions." "I have always enjoyed books and poems that have the underlying theme of man against nature. However I feel that in many of the poems I have written, nature is also a lift-me-up, an extension of one's self, where nature intervenes and picks me up. “Unconditionally” is a perfect example of nature's influence in my life.”