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The Last Dance

I crave your warm arms around me,
I feel like a child frightened by the dark.
Hold me close to you for eternity.
Feel my wanting, my wildly beating heart.

Too quickly this precious moment will pass
but the world will reverberate my love for you eternal
Fear not when from my arms you must flee
For my thoughts are only of you and will always be

As we dance to silence on the hard wood floor
Stardust dances with us as it falls from the moonlit sky.
I know that with your love I will be lonely no more
Your smile lights up not only the night but my heart.

I am like a forgotten traveler dying of great thirst.
My thirst can only be quenched by your lips sweet kiss
Nay! I cannot weave love with my poor heart or my words
If I could, I would surround you with a blanket of loving bliss.

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