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Loneliness stood,
Silent as a rock,
As quiet as quiet can be.
Standing alone in each cold corner,
No one can see it but me.

Loneliness crept,
Through the cold night air,
And disappeared into the dark.
Creeping about outside all alone,
And moving into the park.

Loneliness sat,
And stared at the sky,
Wishing that she had a friend.
Roaming about outside all alone,
Hoping that this was the end.

Loneliness ran,
Ran away from the past,
As far as she could go.
She had no friends no family too,
Then heard the deafening screech of a crow.

Loneliness shivered,
As night drew closer,
She was scared of what was behind.
She kept on running as fast as she could,
Terrified of what she might find.

Loneliness stopped,
She couldn't go on,
This was as far as she ran.
Starting to feel weak and hearing distant voices,
She made out the dark image of a man.

Loneliness fell,
Right to the ground,
Her heart was beginning to fade.
The distant sounds slowly melted away,
She needed someone’s aid.

Loneliness went,
She had breathed her last,
She had gone to the different place.
As the night had drawn in she had left me,
Now I cannot see her face.

Loneliness died,
She departed us,
From this humble Earth,
Her spirit will not go on.


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Laura Fisher is from Leicester, England and tells us “I am not a poet, I just write random words down on paper . . . I only write down what I am feeling at the time.”