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Surrounding Mists

A fog surrounds me as I walk,
It moves with each step I take.
The present clear, the future dim,
The past shrouded by its mists.

When crisis ends the path I walk,
The shroud lifts for a moment.
I turn around, the past is clear,
And I see what the mists have hidden.

Misdeeds compel the path I walk,
Each step, a day I’ve lived.
I smile or cringe at each step taken,
And the mists descend again.

Again, the fog surrounds me as I walk,
Accompanying my journey through life.
Concealing steps already taken,
Mists shrouding the path ahead.

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Butchiesmom writes that “I believe we walk a path through an invisible fog, protecting our minds through a crisis, and lifting when it's over to show us what went wrong. We have a choice of staying on the same path or choosing another.”


Butchiesmom has a companion poem that also has the theme of depression: Shining Light