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Now One Thing Is Certain

Now one thing is certain
we will all die
it may not be humble
may not be in the sky
but is it certain
there's life after death?
who really knows this
or is it just a myth?

As I ponder this question
and think to myself
I look at the bible
up on my shelf
seldom read by me
and seldom read by others
is it just false hope
the thought makes me shudder
so I just stop thinking
so it wont be a sin
but is that book true
when we die, do we go to him
or should I not worry
just smile and say
I know everything
I won't die today
but if I did
would this all be real
I'd rather be safe
and id rather be heeled
so all I'm saying is this
please just have faith
because than maybe
you'll make it to the pearly gates.

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