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Your Insults Will Be Your Demise

You said you'd love me no matter what
But now that I grew up, you think I'm some sort of a slut.
We fight all day and even worse at night,
Now just seeing you is such a painful sight.
Who are you to judge me when you know nothing about me;
There is so much about me you can’t look past my appearance and see.
So I'm not your little girl any more or so you said
But then again you also told me you hated me and wished I was dead;
Such a horrible person I guess I've become
Tell me dad where did I learn it from?
Your son's in his room playing guitar loud enough to drown out the sound,
I sit here in a silence oh so profound
As mom cries in the bathroom and you drink the night away,
I know tomorrow will be the same kind of day
Because you're too damn stubborn to say you apologize
But mom’s still hoping things will change, because she's too stubborn to realize
You're never going to change because you're too hell-bent on making us hurt
And you're forever going to be like your hideous self and treat your family like dirt.
I don't mind the insults and my brother can stand them too
But to see mom cry makes me so furious at you.
How can you do this to people you once adored,
Are you really that cruel and really that bored?
And how is it you live with yourself looking back on your life
And seeing nothing there but bottles and strife.
I can’t wait till you get what's coming to you;
Can’t wait till you’re dejected and deplorable too,
So then we, my family of three
Will watch you and laugh as you suffer our same misery.
Who will you have left to turn to
Who is left that still admires and glorifies you?
You have no one now that your heart has decayed and went
And for this I must say I do not repent.


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