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Four Children Call You Mom

I first saw you in the Lord's house;
You were just a little girl.
Your chocolate colored tresses
Were easy for your Mom to curl.

You grew to womanhood right before my eyes.
There were some years between us, about seven.
Your leap to ladyhood was not overlooked;
Your virtuous character deserving of heaven.

From infancy to childhood, to teenager and on.
I finally saw in you the mother of my offspring.
But first I had to win your heart, not an easy task,
And show you what a marriage to me could bring.

When the farmer plants the seed he first works the soil,
The seeding is not as arduous as preparing.
And so it is with marital life, the tilling of the soil,
The courtship: prepares us or a life of sharing.

It is Mother's Day #37, four children can call you  Mom,
They are rich indeed, and blessed beyond measure.
To possess a mother of impeccable virtue. You are a blessing
And deserving of the eternal treasure.

Copyright 2000, International Library of Poetry for Roland Coggins.

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