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A Tale of Two Cats

A strange cat came to our farm one day;
It had black stripes mixed with a coat of gray.
It was not bashful, it had its say.
There was no question, it was there to stay.

It soon became plain the cat was a tom,
And everyone wondered where he came from.
He sought a cat that was a mom,
And what followed was like a dropped bomb.

For you see we already had a male cat named Tim,
And most strays were dreadfully afraid of him;
But this stranger had a bushel of vim,
And tore our cat from limb to limb.

And the stray cat continued to stay at our farm,
When he realized that nobody did him any harm.
And Tim wandered off, giving cause for alarm,
For he would have to find a different barn to keep him warm.

Copyright 2000, International Library of Poetry for Roland Coggins.

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