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That Mine Is

Mine is that
which reflects morning light
the first drops of dew
clinging to the newborn
sweet sprigs of grass

Mine is that
which binds all things
weaving thoroughly within
and without . . . 
the Fabric of Life

Mine is that
which overcomes great sorrow
acknowledging great joy
yet silent and serene
alone . . . watching

Mine is that
which knows difference
yet seeing same in all
still . . . calm . . . gently alive
patience . . . eternity

Mine is that
which mighty spirits salute
weep with joy and gladness
to see me . . . on my knees
in humble surrender

Mine is that
which cannot be taken
which cannot be broken
that which dances
to the ringing . . . stillness be

Mine is that
which is not . . . yet is
words brush so gently against
in vain attempts to depict
heart center chakra*

Mine is that
which is given to all
in open hand and mind
deep . . . sincere . . . respect
that . . . .mine is.

Copyright 2003, Lin Hu  


When my gaze is fortunate enough
To fall upon your haunting beauty
I shake, I quiver inside
My spirit leaps, like my heart
Longing to be satisfied
By just maybe your glance
Your quick smile
Or a miracle
A friendly hello
From your perfect and taunting lips

Maybe this is the price I must pay
For desiring you is a cost so heavy
That I will gladly
Forage through life alone
Living for that moment
To once again catch your eye
Experience your smile
Maybe a friendly hello
Or maybe . . . a kiss
Or just maybe . . . by chance . . . !

Copyright 1997, Lin Hu  


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*Chakra: A psychic-energy center of the body.