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Never be silent
Share every word
Rejoice in the sounds
Of everything heard
Bless every vision
All things you see
For every image is precious
Lasting eternally
Rejoice in life’s flavor
Whether sour or sweet
Variety in life
Makes things complete
Touch every surface
Explore carefully
The textures of life
That change constantly
Harness your emotions
While you sometimes release
Thoughts that bind you
To bring inner peace
Let the essence of today
Fill your mind’s memory
With things that have passed
And some  that will be
Moments are precious
While time marches on
No matter the destination
Or road you are on
Enjoy every moment
In  each breath you take
With the love you have shared
And the life you shall make

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“I enjoy looking at the human condition
with humor, and empathy for of life's situation. The poem I . . . post is about enjoying all the good things that life gives to us, with suggestions of ways to cope.”

Bill Lindenmuth