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No School Today

Mummy, I don't want to go to school today,
I've got all kinds of diseases you may say
I've got rashes all over my hand,
I must be the most sickly girl on this land
check properly, I am high with fever,
my leg has swollen as fat as a beaver
my nose is crimson, my back aches,
let me rest for god's sake
my hair has started to fall,
I am deaf, I cant hear you call
my throat is horribly soar,
my voice sounds like a lion's roar
my bones are rattling , making strange sounds,
my head is spinning round and round
my heart is fluttering, my pulse does race,
I am carrying an oxygen pipe just in case
my eyes are bulging and red,
give me a pill, I’ll pop straight in bed
what? you have got the doc to give me a prick???
it was just an excuse, byeee! I am off to school quick!

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"Hi...I Am Divyashree (Nicknamed Divya). I am In 7th standard and have been writing poems from 2nd standard. Hope you enjoy my poem."