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What's in Your Mind

Have you ever felt another’s pain just from inside their eyes
Or wished that you could shield a heart from the ill-fated goodbyes?
Do you ever wonder if there’s such a thing as the right path you could choose
Or thought that either way you went you know you would lose?
When life throws you out to sea, would you cry for a helping hand
Or would your pride take hold of you and ignore your demand?
Don’t you wonder how it feels to love and be loved the same way
Or would you turn the other cheek and let it slip away?
Do you ever think of me and how I feel inside?
And do you know that what I feel I don’t try to hide?
Have you even thought about the way you make me feel?
Just to have you in my sight makes all this feeling real.
I try to make people understand that life is not a game.
And no matter what it is you learn, no one’s is the same.
So just live and realize that no love can be bought.
And I’m not saying to love me back, but just give it some thought.

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Deanna Julbe is from Srping Hill, Florida and writes, “I am a poet and author of 'Speak Your Heart,' a collection of poems written by me over some years. I am on Facebook and Twitter ,and I would love to share a poem from my book! I hope you enjoy!”