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Mama, I Wanna Go Surfing

Mama, I wanna go surfing,
To feel the luscious breeze.
This indoor life is not for me,
though most take it with ease.

The thought of walking down that aisle,
to ultimately be free.
I'm on my knees, and begging "Please!
I wanna go to the sea."

I'll switch that tassle, possibly
if my dumb head can help it be,
I never thought how average I'd be
on graduation day.
Though most would say...

"You once were smart, how did you part
with that once brilliant brain?"
I found out that school is not all,
you learn from being insane.

So, instead of cold gray cubicles
and bosses with large tenticles
to keep you in the obstacle
I'll drive along in Istanbul.

I'll travel and I'll surf the waves
Though most would prefer green.
I do not want cinderblock jobs,
I'll surf and I'll be free.

So once I leave these plastic faces
and these horrific suburb places
I'll manage a shop of smoothies, tasted
like a fruit heaven.

So, mama I don't want no money,
mama, I don't want no slaves.
Mama, I just want to surf
upon those clear blue waves.

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“Hello. I started submitting poems here when I was only eleven, and I've been posting things ever since. I'll have long absences; however I always come back to fill in what has been going on. This poem is about me, or any young adult getting ready to graduate and go on to the future. It is a bittersweet journey I am taking, but I feel like it will lead to my ultimate happiness. Thanks.”