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Coffee Anyone

The Good Lord must have decided
Many years ago
That the world would need their coffee
To give them their get up and go

Another thing He added
And I don't think it was a sin
Was the product we call donuts
To use for dunking in

Now everywhere it's lineups
Especially at Tim's
Coffee fanatics all of us
With timbits as well thrown in

Sprouting up all over
Are coffee shops galore
Whoever invented it was using Their bean
And that we know fer sure!

So fellow coffee drinkers
I raise my cup to you
Let's drink a toast unto that fact
From a fresh made pot of brew

We have to have our coffee and
We'll do whatever it takes
That's why the Good Lord also instituted
The thing called "Coffee Breaks".

Copyright Gary James Smith
May 1st 2008

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