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I Wanna Die

I wanna die, don’t ask me why
All you will hear is my sigh!!

Can’t keep anybody Happy
Not my Mom, not my Dad; Not even my Sweetie

I build a cute house
But the flames of my dreams are doused

I am no longer the obedient Child,
No longer am I a Lover Wild

I don’t earn enough for you guys
And no more of it matters than am nice

You are full of expectation
While all you thought about me is nothing but fiction

Suddenly in your eyes, I became rude
And my words which you used to love are nothing but crude

I seem to be running from my  responsibility,
Well I am not; I am fighting my devils & my insanity

My tears struggle to come out
Burns my eyes
My silence wants to shout
But for love, inside it dies.

Friends think I am no more ME,
I was the one who believed in WE

Now my Reason Stinks
My heart stops pounding and Sinks

Well, I will leave you all
Anyways my role in your life was small

Sorry for ruining your lives
You can hurt me with thousand knives

After I Die, You can curse my soul
No one to stop you,
No one to condole

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Vibbs writes from Dombivli, India, “I was very depressed with my personal life at one point of time and wrote this poem that time.”