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My First Time

You told me you loved me,
I took it as fact.
Now I sit here weeping,
As you take it back.

You said I was the perfect girl,
So I gave you my heart.
And all you did to it,
Was rip it apart.

Ten months of nothing,
How could this be?
I was everything you wanted,
Or were you lying to me.

Excuses not to kiss me,
Excuses not to touch.
As I lay here crying,
I'm hurting so much.

A little while longer,
Is what you would say.
I just had to trust you,
If I was to have my way.

I did what you wanted,
I played your little game.
Now ten months later,
I see nothing has changed.

We had one night of passion,
Still no kissing or touch.
You took me like a whore,
Then looked at your watch.

The very next morning,
You were cold as ice.
Though I needed some kindness,
You were not very nice.

Now that all this waiting,
Had finally passed.
What was to be our first time,
Was also our last . . . .


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Vicky Holder from Georgia writes, “This poem is about the ugly side of trusting someone with your heart, and the games that many play to hurt others. Sadly many times this can occur with a girls first time, haunting her for the rest of her life and impairing her ability to trust again.”