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A Sailor on the Sea

Its been chaotic, its been a while
I've been through ups and downs.
Yet here I stand completely new
throughout the smiles and frowns.

I sit in the sunroom colored blue
letting go of all of you,
the people who tore me to two,
I thank the memories of you.

Yet now I'm here, weight gained and grown.

And though I stressed of superficial struts,
now I care not because all is wonderful.
It began to  rhyme, yet now does not.
I'm just going with the flow.

So I sit in the sunroom painted blue
feeling whole and completely new.
I remember all that made me.
As comfortable as a sailor on his great blue sea.

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Dominque wrote, “Hey. This is Dominque. I first found out about this website when I was eleven, and I posted from Miami to Little Rock, and now Atlanta. Life has been hectic, as you know. But now I'm a bit calm, so I just felt like writing a poem to let you guys know how I am doing. I've been a part of this website for 5 years. I love you guys!”

We love that Dominque has submitted poems as she has grown up and hope seh keeps writing poetry as she grows older.