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Waiting for Peace

The sky glitters and it looks fascinating
The birds are singing endlessly
Sweet smell of flowers spread everywhere
Sunshine looks very pretty in the morning
Under the glittery sky with birds singing
I am walking randomly on the green grass and 
Thinking about my new poem
Instantly clouds are blasting and rain comes
I wake up from sleep.

Dirty dark everywhere around me
I don’t see anything
I just pray to The Almighty
Please save me, save me, save me from dirty shadow.
I try to understand what happens
I try to comprehend the actual situation
I am thinking why I wake up from sleep
Then my heart responds quickly

I recognize Drones flying in the sky to attack Afghanistan
I observe Afghan babies crying on the street
I perceive US army patrols in Iraq
I recognize civilian’s death in India
I hear bomb blasting in Pakistan
I discover Israeli helicopter attacks Palestine
I hear crying voices of Palestine’s mother
I hear echo of Chinese mine explosions
I hear Somali cruel terrorist’s voice
I observe Bangladeshi crying women
I observe how drugs smuggler kills people in Mexico & Columbia
I observe the destruction of nuclear explosions in Japan
I identify crying voice of Africa
I observe UN assembly in New York
I perceive UN works to stop inoperative war
I am laughing for World leaders funny activities

I feel the tedium
I feel sickened for everything
I start to hate pretty sunrise in the morning
I start to hate charismatic sunset in the evening
I start to hate everything

I am crying
I have a will to see happy world
I have grown up with this will
But I didn’t see happiness in the world
I see crime, war, corruption, traffic jam, drugs, smuggling, and terrorists
I see religious business how people deprived
I observe US and Russian aggression

I am crying
I have a will to change this world
I prepare myself for this will
But I have no power and can’t do anything

I am crying
Yet again I am looking in the sky
I am finding The Almighty
But failed I can’t properly contact with The Creator
I am praying please save us, save us, save us
I am always praying for peace.
I am waiting for peace.



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“I want to sacrifice my life for the benefit of all human beings. Naturally I am a peace lover. My soft touch heart is sometimes crying for peace for all over the world. Sufferings of people from natural disaster create very touchy feelings in my soft touch heart. I can’t tolerate unauthentic religious activities all over the world. I hate terrorist’s activities. Illegal war in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine, Kashmir and all over the world creates very pathetic scenario in my mind. From the very beginning of life I have a will to observe the peaceful world. I have grown up to change this world and to work for peace, prosperity, humanity, honesty and sincerity. I always pray to God to change this world and make it prosperous and peaceful where there is no crime, violence, no terrorists, no religious deprivation, and no clash between rich and poor and black-white.  I always pray for peace.”