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The Sun Rises

The sun rises
Morning appears
A new day starts
A new day of different phenomenon, feelings,
Emotions, complexity and so on.

The sun rises
Morning appears
The flowers blossom
Its sweet scent spread everywhere
The dry ice glitters
On the roof of the mountains,
On the leaves of the trees, on the streets,
Like a diamond necklace of a beautiful woman.

The sun rises
Morning appears
The sky looks cute
The cold wind blows from north
The clouds move far away from origin
The sun shines glitter all over the world…
The sun shines glitter on the face of a walking cute girl.

The sun rises
A busy day starts
A little baby cries
Children run to the school
With their mothers
The birds are away from their nest
The cows moo from their shelter
The cowboys saddle their horse
The cocks shout wake up, wake up.

The sun rises
A busy day starts
Working people walk very fast
A new couple’s love
They ask each other
Which flowers will you select for me?
What wealth will you get?
Which clothes will you wear today?

The sun rises
Morning appears and
I remember the universal truth
Morning shows the day.


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“I am a Bangladeshi young man. Now I am a student of Politecnico Di Milano, Italy. I am a student of M. Sc Engineering in Environmental Engineering. I love literature so much. I am not a professional poet but I like to write poetry and short stories both in Bengali and in English. I love nature and all its components so much. As a whole, I love this earth and all human beings. Thank God who gives me such ability to love human beings without  considering nations, religious matters, gender, and so on. I can love everybody from my real soft touch heart. I like to work for human beings and for this earth. I am a founder of a social organization in my community in Bangladesh that works for rural poor people from 2004 till now. I want to sacrifice my life for the benefit of all human beings. Now I am living at Como, Italy. Naturally I wake up very early in the morning before the sunrise. One day I woke up and opened my window to show the beautiful nature in the morning. Then the sun rose and the sunlight reflected my window . A great feeling was created in my mind and then I wrote this poem. It basically describes the beginning of the day. It describes some very simple things that are usually common in daily activities. ”