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Quiet Time

A quiet time alone each day,
Is what one needs, a time to pray.
Too oft the world goes rushing by,
Heeding not their soul’s heart cry

And burdens seem to greater grow
If seeds of prayer we do not sow.
Seems to be such a simple task,
Just to pray and only ask

Our God above to lend an ear,
To all the problems pressing near.
But just you try a prayer or two,
And see what work it is to do!

So may the best-planned project of your day
Be that quiet time you take to pray.

Gary J. Smith © Copyright 1995

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“Born again believer. This poem was a result of a series of scenarios that I had been going through. My pastor came by and asked how everything was going. I said fine, I'm just playing it by ear; then I corrected myself and said, no pastor, I am actually praying it by ear and so a short while later this poem came into being. It has been the one that I have shared most with with others when I am sharing the gospel with them and the only one of my poems which I have memorized. I can remember the exact location where it was written, in the parking lot of a used car lot in northern Ontario, Canada.”

Gary James Smith