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I Hang My Hat Upon the Fact

I hang my hat upon the fact
In the beginning God
He created the heaven and  earth
Then they as witness stood
To watch unfold His grand design
To do as He had planned
Marveled at His tenderness
As He created man

The breath of life was breathed in him
He became a living soul
Dispatched by God to Eden's garden
Where temptation took its toll
Sin's sting of death was soon to come
As Adam and Eve disobeyed
The tree of the knowledge of good and evil
Would lead them to the grave

God's heart was broken when He saw
What satan had led them to
But praise God He gave a sacrifice
To cover the sin ensued
By one man's disobedience
Sin came into the world
And by the obedience of One
Fends satan's darts that are hurled

God Himself came as a son
Became the son of man
Endured the pain unto the Cross
Praise God He rose again
Heaven and earth bare witness still
Until that coming day
When they themselves shall be no more
They too shall pass away

New heaven and new earth will come
They'll bare witness to
The King of kings and Lord of lords
His Mercy seat in view
The Lion of the tribe of Judah
Who is the great I AM
Shows His wounds to all the world
He truly is the Lamb

Copyright December 31, 2010
Gary James Smith


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Gary James Smith from Canada writes, “This poem was written after I was thinking about having faith in God.”