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A Face Tells a Thousand Words

Look at my face. What do you see?
Do you see a daughter who strives for acceptance?
A daughter who wishes for love?
Wishes for appreciation?
A student who struggles for perfection?
Do you see scars my past left behind?
Scars it drew on my happy mask..
Do you see the remains of hope I have?
The lasts of it are fading away..
Do you see cries? Do you see pain?
A fighter? A delighter?
Do you see the emptiness in my eyes?
The void inside of me..
I feel my soul had been locked in a cage..
Do you see a mother who tries her best?
A wife who does all she can?
A soul crushed by failure?
Do you see rage?
Do you see anger?
Do you see sorrow?
Do you see tears?
Do you see a fake smile across my face?
Do you see the mask I wear?
Do you see lies?
Someone in disguise..
Do you see glory?
Do you see sadness?
Do you see hurt?
Do you see desperate tries?
Do you see emptiness?
Do you see the shattered faith of mine?
The shreds of joy I hold on to?
The dream of  smiling..
Knowing that the smile on my face isn't the result of me lying to myself?
The grin I wear?
The sadness I bear?
The pain from my earlier days?
My lost dreams?
. . . Or do you just see a face?


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Abbygale sends her poem from the United Arab Emirates.