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Poem for Cape of Cornwall
(painted by Kurt Jackson)

My back pressed the green grass surprisingly soft
Gazing to the cliff across this meadow, my breath
Caught and remained still, for the sight I behold
Brings out masked emotions I long to reveal.

Jagged rocks jutted on the side of the cliff, dark
And foreboding, mesmerizing in its stark contrast
Against the skylight of white clouds above
At the foot engulfed in shadows unrecognizable.

The vast ocean sparkling with bejeweled reflection
Water will never be calm, foam arise and fall
Menacing yet a marvel of beauty unexplained
Filled with light and buoyed by promises.

Slowly I lay my head back to the ground
Expelled trapped breath dizzying sensation
Took hold for a while then I noticed that
I'm smiling.

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Melanie Rosenthal sends her poem from  Singapore.