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Love Gained, Love Lost

Enough of this pain
It’s driving me insane

Why has this happened
My soul has dampened

Is it happening again
Would it be all in vain

To stay away I try my best
But god is putting me to this test

It’s not that way,
There’s something to stay

I want it, but can’t get it
I get it, but ignore it

So strange is love
It’s ecstasy, it’s a mystery

Didn’t get it when I wanted it most
And now it haunts me like a ghost

She can’t be mine that I know
And that is why my spirit’s low

God I need a miracle
For I am vulnerable

Just can’t stop thinking of her
You tell me if that is fair

I dream of sitting next to her

With her holding my hand
That would be paradise even in a barren land

What would be the task?
Is the question I ask

Would I ever shed this?
Friendship’s mask?

Every time I see her in my mirror
And my heart misses a beat in fear

I see her in his embrace
I realize I have lost the race

For god decided against me
It’s his will that’s not to be

He chose her a partner, a better boy
She’s got better than god’s favorite toy

I check my mobile once in a while
And realize she is far, at least a mile

Coz there’s no SMS, no call
No entry gate, just a big wall

Love gained, love lost.


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