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Nature of Man Vs. Nature of God

We pretend to forget
But then forget to pretend
And each step closer
Just brings us closer to the end

To our destinies we should go
Like lambs to the lion
But when fortune’s wind begins to blow
Well then we usually stop trying

And although everyone is different
We as a people remain the same
Because if the world crashed down around us
The first thing we would look for is someone to blame

It’s not that humanity is not loving
Just that society is training our species
To believe that power is the only path
And we are so busy pointing fingers
That we have forgotten how to laugh

Ambition should be a virtue
But it has become a holy quest
And for now waiting is all we can do
Until the damage can be assessed

Because religion can’t be trusted
There are too many doctrines to follow
No one is looking for a real path
Just a way to fill the hollow

In the way that everyone is different
God should be different to us all
Multi-dimensional and faceted
More diverse than our imaginations are small


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