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"I don't have to be on top of the World . . .
I don't have to be running against myself.

Like a Bird,
I would fly high, and compete against Myself !!

and though the world may only see my Shadow.....!!
to have success I won't have to Beg, Steal or Borrow...!!

And though my hands are Folded . . . !!
they are not Tied . . . !!

My efforts are being Awarded !!
cause now I am tasting success, which for a Long time I was Denied . . . !!

Though you might think this is just an "Under-Exposure"
That's one thing that gives me most Pleasure.

May god bless me with more such Moments
My Friends know me, that's more than all Achievements!!


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“My Friend Mayank is already a great photographer. He just started and was able to have his photo exhibited in a Photo Exhibition.

“The poem reflects what he must be thinking after being able to exhibit his photo in the exhibition.”

Vaibhav Shukla