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My Cry

“This poetry is dedicated to the inhabitants of Amazon forest of Brazil.”

Is it my world  . . . my own world?

Then why my world  . . . my own world would do this with me?

When I was in my mother’s embrace  . . . what was told to me?

She told me when you will open your eyes, then my dear most child you’ll see your real  . . . your own world . . .

Ah! But who knew after my birth, one day this world my own world would reject me . . . Why? Why? Why? My world does this to me . . . I am also yours . . . What could I do if I am not able to cope with you, not like you and not able to do anything . . . 

But I am able to live with you, and want to live with you, laugh with you, cry with you my world and want to know about you . . . .”

“Why do you reject me”?

"It's not mine mistake but why you do another mistake"?

“Don’t do this to me my world, my own world. You are mine, my beautiful, beautiful world . . . .”

“I am yours and only yours  . . . my world . . .

“Accept me  . . . .” 


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“I am very fond of writing everything which is true. My poetm, 'My Cry' is basically based upon the realities of the disabled child born in the Amazon forest of Brazil .

“Read this poem and feel the cry of the child.

“Thanks to all of you who read this poem.”

Sona Rajput