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I stare into the mirrored glass, —

I stare into the mirrored glass,

All hazy, drowsy and foggy, —

To ascertain where you will pass

And where you’ll stop for lodging.


I look and see: An old ship’s mast.

There, on the deck, you’re standing . . .

You, by the clouded train . . . The vast,

Green fields, at night, lamenting . . .


The evening countryside in dew,

There, ravens soar in flight . . .

—My dear one, I am blessing you

To go where you decide!

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My footsteps are light,
- A sign of clear conscience –
My footsteps are light,
My song - thunderous -

God placed me all alone
In the cosmic universe.
- You’re not a woman, but a bird,
Therefore - soar and sing.

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