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I laughed to myself

because I walked into a store and there sat on a shelf

it was imagination for sale

buy one get one free

and I thought to myself I could get two just for me

I’ll put them together and use them both

then I thought again to myself I don’t really need that bread loaf

and I’ll save up next week and maybe get four

I thought if I could get more I’d barely make it out the door

I’d be real special

I’d have more thoughts than I could even try to wrestle

so off I ran with two imaginations

the world was a world of creation

patience lied restless

and nests were landing strips for jets

the ants already knew that but we hadn’t figured it out yet

vultures were air traffic control

hunters were terrorists you know

it takes time to know what I know

but when you watch the grass grow

you see more than just a blade

you see a skyscraper and an ant parade

when you watch the trees you might just see bark

but I see something only seen in the dark

the trees are old timers

grey hairs and gold miners

digging down into that earth

looking for gold to make there life’s work

and when I see the stars

I think of getting a fast flying car

and just blasting off

then laughing at the cops

becoming the first human satellite

hey with that fourth imagination I just might

then I thought of life

the living and the dead

where do they go after the bloods all been bled

are they just dead

or is there more

then I realized I was still at the store

and I hadn't even walked out of the door


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I’m 17 years old and I’m an aspiring poet. Be my critic, give me advice, tell me what you think.”

 Bryce Mcclintock


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