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Wake up at 7 . . .

Wake up at 7 bedtime at nine.
Don't you wish you could go back to that time?

Barbies and teddy bears, baby dolls too.
Making popsicle sculptures, hands covered in glue.

Little white sketchers - size four and a half.
Remember when 2 X 4 was the hardest math?

Playing in mud, climbing trees.
Band-aids covering scabby knees.

Barney and Little Bear played on the screen.
Getting bullied by the big kid who always was mean.

Piggy banks filled with the tooth fairy's cash.
Right next to the Halloween candy stash.

Out in the sun, playing all day.
Being restless inside when the weather was grey.

Jumping for joy when daddy came home
from a week long business trip far away in Rome.

Rainy days meant coloring and learning to draw.
Wishing you were old enough to wear a bra.

Having "shoe flinging" contests on the swings.
Jumping off slides, trying to grow wings.

Back to the days when everyone got along.
Remember when "Dream Street" sang your favorite song?

Hiding from boys cause they have cooties.
Playing in the rain wearing little rain booties.

Remember the rainbow painted on your wall?
Or how bout the time you played basketball?

Writing a love letter to your crush Jessie.
Food on your face because you ate messy.

Being best friends with Mario, Christopher too.
Never seeing them again - what would you do?

Trying to read, learning to spell,
showing off toys during show and tell.

Those are the memories you'd know from the start
would always remain deep in your heart.

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 “Catherine just finished 9th grade. She wrote this poem for class this year and I just found it. The assignment was to write a poem about childhood. I have her permission to send this to you. Catherine is Bill Lang's (Poetryfans editor) niece.”

Comments are from the author's mother.