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The Silence and St. John of the Cross

I entered in
a world anew
though what I found
I cannot say
except that every night and day
has now a kind
of harmony
where before when
I thought I knew
the answer taught
through ministry
then often doubts
would rise in me.

For knowledge taught
by some who say
that there can only be
"one way"
accounts not for
of all the people
that I see
each one a child
of the Earth
and each one worth
a different worth.

On entering
I turned my mind
to knowledge of
another kind
but when I found
that which I sought
turning my knowledge
into thought
it seemed I too
could not convey
what I had found
except to say
that now the whole of all I see
revolves around
the mystery
that only love can ever be
the way, the truth, the light,
to me
but in the silence
all may come
to share
their spiritual home.

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“There is a difference between being silent and being in the silence. Fiona MacLeod once wrote "The wind, silence, and love, are the friends that have taught me the most."
I discovered the silence at about the same time that I discovered the poetry of St John of the Cross and it was one of his poems that inspired this one.”

   Michael Skelding