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The 4 Seasons of You

I was thinking of the seasons
when suddenly
I was reminded of you
how you loved me and taught me
all about
the 4 seasons of you

I was dormant in my ways
confused by the meaning of the word content
but like a SPRING downpour
you drenched my thoughts
and planted a seed in my soul
and slowly my love for you
began to grow

suddenly, in a blink of an eye
our delirious passion
was overpowering and explosive
on-going, like a relentless SUMMER heat wave
refusing to show any mercy

but as time paced itself
steadily on course
you predicted
the infectious novelty
of my hungry desires
would eventually come tumbling down
like a leaf on a FALL tree
once bright with color
on the ground
succumbing to it's eventual fate
of loneliness

in the end
no words were spoken
just a heart
like a twig
brittle with frost
lying in its WINTER grave
never to be part
of something good again

I was thinking of the seasons
I was reminded of you
how you used to love me
and teach me about
the 4 seasons of you     


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“I have always wanted to write and poetry is the avenue I chose because I feel it comes from within where its true and pure. I write to express my feelings and thoughts. just recently I decided to share some of my pieces on the internet to see if I can get any feedback on my work either negative or positive so I can see where I can improve in my writings. Thanks.”


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