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Bitter Sweet (poem 1 of 2)

Bitter, bitter, sweet sorrow,
A broken heart,
And an uncertain tomorrow,
Is it her destiny to feel this way,
And in so much pain?
To be loved is what she holds dear,
But still he will not come near,
She lies in agony every night,
While he shares his laughter with the world,
He is uncaring and cold,
While she is warm and loving,
The crow's call echoes outside her window,
Reminding her of the emptiness inside,
The emptiness she will always feel

Love (poem 2 of 2)

Love can be the strongest bond,
Without it you think you can't go on,
It takes your thoughts,
Your sanity,
Your mind,
It can even make the smartest person blind,
You never know what strength it holds,
Until your life unfolds,
Love can make people do things they'd never think they'd do,
Forcing them to do things in which they will feel the greatest of rue,
It can be great,
And it can be bad,
Make people happy,
And make them really sad,
It can teach you things you could never learn from a book,
And can make you take a closer look,
Without love the world wouldn't be the same,
That is why Jesus came,
To give his life for you and me,
So that we can live for eternity

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“I've been writing poems ever since I was a little girl. I love poetry. I think it is a great way for one to express oneself.”

Nicole Ritchey