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Election Day

And so we close in on May
The stage set for a political play
The hustings cleared, speeches written
Parliament prepares, the country will listen

The party faithful are on the streets
Pressed rosettes, pristine pamphlets
Of anonymous faces, vying for our attention
It can only be . . . a General Election

The games afoot, they go on tour,
Platitudes to the rich, promises for the poor
Frozen smiles, insincere handshakes
A traveling circus of ego and ambition

But still we hear, and still we read
And then decide who will lead
And hope for better
But remain unsure

Yet vote I shall, come Election Day
Despite the doubts
And tick the box I believe right
Then switch on the TV . . . and a sleepless night.

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¬†John P. P. Kilshaw writes, “The poem, entitled 'Election Day' is a short analysis of the political scene, as I and many others perceive it. Here in England we have a general election pending in May, so I thought it a topical subject.”