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In Search of Lost Love

As the pot of golden evening melts
in the infinity of a distant horizon
and a sheet of dusky starless night
unfolds itself . . .

Like a lunatic,
I loiter down the lonely lanes
to follow your fading foot-prints
and ask the moon
about your whereabouts
but he stealthily hides behind
the veil of a dark cloud and
sheds a silent star-tear in sympathy!

Do you remember once
I had embellished your enchanting eyes
with our dainty dreams?
On a pale moonless night
I had reaped moonlight for you
and those love-poems, I had planted
in your courtyard?

As time has come to a standstill
I smash my heart’s fragile reflection and
slash my mind’s wrist with
blade of my broken dreams
only to find blood-red tears
gushing out of my severed veins
and form puddles of my poetry
while I drift away with the torrent of pain
in search of my lost love.

Copyright © 2010 Bharat B. Trivedi


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Bharat B. Trivedi writes, “A Commerce Graduate from Bombay University. Born and brought-up in Bombay (Mumbai), but currently I live with my family in Bahrain. I am employed as a Financial Accountant with a leading import firm in the Gulf.

“I’m a down-to-earth male, but often ride on white-winged Pegasus to unexplored continents and unknown lands to pen poems. I’ve been writing poems since my college days, but I became serious about poems, almost four years ago, when my near and dear ones encouraged me to enter in ‘International World Poetry Contest’ and one of my poems made it to the finals!

“My poetry revolves around words and imagery, but melancholy usually peeps in most of my poems, through a tiny key-hole. I strongly believe - “Life is pendulum swaying between a tear and a smile.

“My blogs:

“My Interests:
creative crafts, reading, writing, movies, music, computers and poetry (of course).”