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Thirst wakes and sings . . .

Thirst wakes and sings in my
Inner ear
Water flows across my forehead
And I am dressed in its nakedness

I hear the throbbing of space
The distant murmurings of the night
A tavern full of condemned sages
Praying by the wine jar

Time flows
Reality wakes, breaks loose from its chains
And erases its own creations

Spaces open
Worlds cast off from their realities
The beginning drifts
The end disappears

I am standing at the centre of two eternities

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Farris J. Amai writes, “I am a teacher, writer as well as a first-time slang lexicographer working on an ongoing comprehensive dictionary of slang covering over five centuries of slang and informal English in the Anglophone world.

“I am also currently working on my first novel as well as a new collection of poetry. Here is a poem from my published work, Convergences and Divergences.”