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A Cricket Culture

Eleven fools are playing and eleven thousand fools are
Witnessing the game, ” said G.B. Shaw about Test Match.
But One Day Match totally changed the nature of Cricket.
So, when 11 Indians are playing 110 core hearts beat here!

The question of everybody now is, who is going to beat whom?
Betting on matches goes beyond control all over the world.
Beating all emerges one as winner after a month and more;
Until then day and night in the mind cricket comes to the fore!

Captain Kapil Dev won World Cup in 1983; and in 2007
”Will captain Dravid win World Cup for India after 24 years? ”
That was the one million dollar question everybody mused
In the home, school, college, office, hotel, park and beach!

What is the significance of sports in the world arena today?
Sports stop enmity and breed fraternity among all nations.
The passion for war to win is transferred to sports in spirit
That activates the skill of all players to contribute the best.

So, Wars of the World have become the wares of the worn out.
When this is so why there should be wars in the name of any;
Is it not funny to go to war to solve the problems of mankind
Like the savages did thousands of years ago before civilization?

Defeat or victory cannot be predicted and so, it is immaterial;
But the materials of the defeated may be destroyed by men,
Whose expectations are not fulfilled in the world cup match!
So, has the attitude of men changed although the world chooses sports?


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Ramesh TA writes, “Is cricket in India a passion or religion or culture? From six to sixty everybody loves to see cricket; So, Cricket is a passion, religion and culture here. That too when World Cup Cricket games start, it’s all”!