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Who Am I?

Firstly I am a daughter, someone's sister.
After That I became daughter-in-law,
someone’s wife, and mother.
I always changed my own personality
and sacrifice myself for the others pleasure.
If my husband wants a good wife
then I become,
If my in-laws want a good daughter-in-law
then I become
If my children wants a good mother
then I become.

After all these, where am I? Who am I?
What’s my real personality

Am I a good daughter?
Am I a good sister?
Am I a good wife?
Am I a good daughter-in-law?
Am I a good mother?

What I am? And who am I?
Where is my own personality?

I play all the roles, all the responsibilities
Of my life, but no one wants to give me
Any credit for all these.

It means I’m not even a single personality.
Who am I?
Sometimes my inner voice asks this question
To me . . . Who am I?
I have no answer

And I again ask this question to all
Who am I ?


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“I am  Sona Rajput, a student of English literature and I'm very fond of writing my feelings. I write this poem to show the reality of women's life in the real society not just in India,, but in the whole world. So I am  really thankful to those who spend  some time on my poem.”