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I've been through hell and hatred
but what tops it all is love.
I've been through doubt and lows
but what tops it all is love.
a million bees can sting me
a thousand knives can stab me
a hundred cars can crush me
love can help me push through the pain.
I've found out about friendship and happiness
and inspiration and self-acceptance
tears of joy,
and the farewell of remembering
things that should be well forgotten,
I remember what I did.
I remember it all too well.
I know I will never forget
my first love and kiss
my first heartbreak and self-inflicted cut,
my first vision of understanding
and my first realizing of my heart's content.
but what I will remember most
is that I was once a kid,
and a kid's journey is being innocent.
I've lost innocence,
but not my imagination.
and love.
so now I set my head on this pillow,
for final rest and satisfaction,
I close my eyes for the last time,
and sleep.

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Dominque wrote, “Hi. This is Dominque again. I haven't been here for quite a while. I'm 15 going on 16. I first found out about this website when I was 11 years old. I've matured quite a bit since then. Poetry has become a big sliver of my life, because I am a musician and I use poetry through rhythms and lyrics everyday. So this is a poem about what I feel is necessary to be said. I've changed quite a bit, and I would like to share this with the editors and poetry fans out there.