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In Life, the biggest flaw

In Life, the biggest flaw
As proposed by Newtons third law
For every action there is equal and opposite reaction
So for every GOOD deed there is BAD in action
Even opposites attract each other
This is cumulative to the effect further
Is this the ''Law of Life'' or ''Life of Law''
Heard of ''CHANGE IS LIFE'', but why then its
here only a see-saw
For every good, bad plays back
Why does here only D hearing lacks
Does it mean, again, I have to suffer
For ''I'' only have to change for rewards to infer
But this is even worse
Actions entitled bad-----D biggest curse
Do I have to become bad to bear good
Is this the real LAW under the hood
My God! I am unstable as thundering clouds
O Savior! U only come to save D frowned
Pave my path with light
And bestow me with your holy touch to undo the night.

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"Hi I am Neha Sharma, a student and this is a poem out of my life experience."