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My Dream Girl

A face comes to my mind

Very unknown in real world

But a very familiar figure in my dream

She is none other than my dream girl

She used to come with a new dress

And a new look

But her glistening eyes look the same 

As I dreamt her first

She has black and shiny hair

When they are flowing with gentle breeze

They seem to be a Pacific Ocean

Her beautiful red lips look

Like the pulps of Eden

The cheeks that I never touch before

Seem to be a kissing paradise

The shape that she belongs

Is simply like a miss universe

When she smiles

Her brightening teeth are sparkling like pearls

The way she talks

Is something that touches my heart

When she comes

She comes with the aroma of Black Rose

She is a girl of Nirvana

Whom I dream all the nights

And she takes a place

In my deepest heart

Maybe I’ll never find my real world

But she will stay in my heart forever.

Thanking you,



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I am Anis from Bangladesh. I wrote this poem when I frequently dreamt about a girl. Actually, I fell in a love with a girl who was my next door neighbour but I never disclosed to her my feelings. One day she left with her family to another city and my one-sided relation broke up forever.