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What Is Freedom?

Do you still remember those pics
Do you remember the critics
A united youth
With great attitude
Revolting against injustice
Blood spilt on roads
Roads now known as roads to freedom
Freedom taken away from great chiefdoms.
Bo Vasco de Gama, bo Jan Van Riebeck
Took control and we became rejects
Our great leaders Dingiswayo, Moshoeshoe, Shaka Zulu
Just to name a few
We become slaves
Working and yet digging up our own graves

Next thing we know of is government
One that was only full of judgment
Depression, oppression on our own land!
Ja, mara ho ne ho se grand
But those who saw the light
They decided to fight
Cuts and bruises
Marks and wounds
Cut and wounds that go deep down to the soul
The soul that was put on the show
Bones broken, spirits shattered
Bodies scattered
Inhumanity, inequality
The so called ACTS
ACTS not based on facts

The revolt that brought great change
Though we were seen as a disgrace
We call it FREEDOM today
Though the youth of today are full of play
Why can't we come together
Instead we are killing each other
Killing emotionally
Killing spiritually
How can I forget the most tragic one,
Killing intellectually

We are told we are born free
We are told we have right
Yet we forget our responsibilities
Parents fear to discipline
Cause in this world it might as well be considered a sin
We are told we have the right to say no
We say no to our parent's pleas
But we do not say no to other deeds
I have the right to say no to sex
But once I say that I am labelled
all these names
I wear a mini-skirt and I am raped
Those who are meant to bring justice and protect me
say I am to blame
To be blamed for something I wear?
Now is that really fair?

I have freedom of speech
But do I use it in a good way?
Instead I preach
Preach of negativities
Some that really sting
I expect to be treated with equality
But do I treat others with dignity?

I want to be listened to
I don't want to listen to you
Listen to you and your sorry do's
I am always crying!
I am dying!
I have all this freedom
And yet it is used against me.

The question in reality is:
What is freedom?
Who am I to celebrate this day,
I,who does not understand.
Our leaders, Walter Sisulu, Nelson Mandela
I give them praises
But behind all that,
It might as well be an act.

I party without knowledge
Knowledge that is like porridge
White, with no colours
Like this brain with no intelligence
Intelligence to understand
Understanding what is not understood

Who am I to declare that I am FREE
I, who does not understand what it means
So please, tell me what do you speak of
When you speak of FREEDOM???


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“I'm studying a lot of English in the arts faculty, English Literature is part of my course. I aspire to do something in politics and perhaps publish my own anthology of poems someday.”

Neo Rapodile (dr. raps)