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Man's Words

the horrors in this life I see
oh lord, why did you create me?
in anger I will clothe my thoughts with words
and scream to the heavens till I am heard

what is your answer to a child's pain?
why are you silent when religion slanders your name?
what is mans purpose? can't you just make it plain?
in frustration I cry, on my knees again

will you blast me now as you did Job?
or will you explain like you did on the Emmaus Road
for my faith draws thin and my love waxes cold
as the one men speak of sits on a distant throne

His reply

the caterpillar sees the butterfly and shakes its fist at me

in front of a mirror it scowls and rants on how cruel life can be
I could thunder from the heavens but would it truly understand?
must I explain an infinite mind to finite man?

men form ideologies of me from the idols in their hearts
you should truly seek me and set yourself apart
for I am not an unconcerned observer as some may think
neither have I given you a cup I did not drink

seek me with all your heart and with time you will understand
just as out of the oysters clam comes the pearl
and through a mother's labor comes a baby boy or girl
from this world will come forth the best of worlds
so have a little faith that's all I ask
judge me when the story ends and all is past


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Aslan333 writes, “The poem is about life's deep questions (suffering, meaning etc) and how to cope with them.”