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Hope Your Here to Stay!

I remember that day,
when I first saw you.
I looked at your face,
you were looking at me too.

 You came and asked my name
and said "I wanna' get to know you."
You said "Do you feel the same . . .
The same as I do?"

I didn't know what to say,
scared about what I was getting myself into!
But now I am sitting here wrapped up in your arms,
Close enough that I can feel your loving warmth.

It feels like a dream that I hope won't go away,
And it's not a lie when I say,
I hope your here to stay!
I hope your here to stay!!

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Alex Rowe wrote when submitting this poem, “Hi again. I am 13 now. Lately I have been writing a bunch of  songs.  I started doing this from inspiration from one of my friends, Dominique, who has been writing many amazing poems and songs on here.  This is part of one of my songs. It is about a relationship I am having with my boyfriend and how it began.”