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How the Sun Rises

Do you know how the sun rises on overcast days
of snow and of rain,
of wind and of cold?
I'll tell you.
She believes in her light and
she spreads it mightily
upon, across, and over a world in need of
compassion and love, hope and truth, and justice.
She faces down the night
to offer us day light and her love.
She ascends from beyond to stare down the demons
of darkness and inhumanity,
the shadows of the night.
They melt like ice in her beauteous presence
and her beams infuse our components
like rivers meeting at an ocean.
She silences the screams of human suffering.
It crumbles at her feet of gold and copper,
yellow, orange,and red.
She is the bringer of purification and transformation.
She loves the sky
with all it's flaws;
storms and winds and coldness.
She forgives a world that poisons itself everyday.
It is through her unwavering and unyielding belief
in tomorrow that she appears everyday.
And that's how the sun rises.


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Lynn M. Murray writes “My poem  is about survival of mental anguish and depression. It is a metaphor on the life of someone with a mood disorder, such as myself. I choose to post this poem so that others will read this and maybe, just maybe, feel a little better about life if they are depressed or heart broken or upset in any way. I am a bipolar borderline meaning I have bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. I know what it's like to feel to such a magnitude and depth that frightens. I don't consider myself a victim. I consider myself blessed for both disorders give me a way to connect with others and to help them.