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Lake of Heaven

Numbers of green hills are side by side
by the tranquil lake. 
Huge trees cover the area like
a green curtain.
The water of the lake seems black
but is looking so pure.
One of the trails comes down to the closed
end of the lake shore.       
Few couples enjoy the calmness of the nature
and whisper to each other
as if the words could go with the wind.
Tranquil lake looks like a divine place
where you always wish to go.
Beautiful birds are chirping and singing all the way
until the darkness comes.
Sometimes a few fishes jump over the water
as if they could take a bath in the sun ray.
Sometimes a few strange sounds come from nearer
to the jungle that thrills the nature a few moments.
Beautiful trees are moving with the wind
as if they are making a wave for the visitors.
Eucalyptus spread out its aroma in the air
making the nature soothing.
All the beauty depicts the heaven
because of the lake.
This is the lake and a lake
of heaven to me.

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Anis writes, “This poem is for Foy's Lake which was my ultimate place where I could find my happiness because of its natural serenity.”