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Happy Birthday Gelina

Never thought I would see this day
Never thought it would happen this way

I judged your tone
Thought you were a monster's clone

Sorry for that
You can hit me with a bat

I know I was wrong
It took me so long

To know you were an Angel fallen from the skies
I am sure God feels lonely and so he cries

But now you are all ours
Wish I had some flowers

I would have gifted them
It’s such a shame
I don’t have them

You know we all love you
Cause people like you are very few

On this lovely occasion our spirits are already high
You arrive on the scene and I say “Oh My….”

She is such a beautiful creature
Sweet creation of Mother Nature

She has got that fire
Which I really admire

At times calm like water
A very caring daughter

She is very down to earth
Knows her friends and their worth

With such panache she walks
With such confidence she talks

I shoot back to reality
And come to a conclusion

In this world of Insanity
We need this illusion

No matter how short my journey is with her
I promise we will be friends forever

Now without wasting much time
In searching for a rhyme

I will do for what I came here to do
I will wish a “Very Happy Birthday to you”


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Vaibhav Shukla wote this poem for a friend and writes,

“This Poem was written for my Good Friend Gelina on her last birthday.

“If she sees this on the poetryfans, she will be very happy.”