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The Fight for God

Sometimes I wonder whether I am in Hell
Crafted naively is world with Hate punched by a Nail.

I wish I was not Born,
cause I have to bear this Scorn.

With Humanity reaching its End,
With Gods fighting each other, who's there to Defend ?

With Death in Backdrop
With Loved ones I Shop.

Ignoring the Calamities
Ignoring the Casualties.

I kiss goodbye to my Loved Ones
While Fanatics kill the reverend and rape the Nuns.

They want to build a Temple
better also dig more graves its so Simple.

The Fight for Land will never End,
For Love; Hate will never Bend.

We have places for "Cross" & "Om",
While the poor Scavenge for Food & Home.

From Valleys to Rivers, Hate is the Master,
Galloping on Death Roads, its moving Faster.

Blasting Trains is no shame
Cause its all in God's Name.

I go to Picnics,
while they develop more Technics.

To bomb the Innocent,
for their Hatred they need a Vent.

Maybe they deserve the Heaven,
Cause they created Seven-Eleven

Yes, This is not a Fantasy Tale,
Yes, This is Hell


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Vaibhav Shukla is from India and writes, “I was inspired to write this poem when I heard of racist attacks on churches and Catholics. Also news channels kept showing attacks by Muslim Fanatics, etc."

“This is written not to hurt anybody but just to express my feelings."

Vaibhav Shukla's next poem is amore personal tribute to a friend.

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